Strategy Management

We will assess your current strategy process in terms of adequacy (context), efficiency and effectiveness (content and process). We will develop and propose to you an improved Strategy Process.

We will guide and assist you in implementing the improved / ideal process with the goal to develop superior strategies sustainably, instilling Strategic Learning.


Strategy Implementation

In case of need, we can assist you in implementing strategies especially when M&A, and/or Restructuring / Turnaround are involved (see below).

Specific Management Support:

We have the expertise to support you in special contexts:

Restructuring / Turnaround: We managed several projects including Plant Shutdown, Plant Turnaround, Portfolio / Product Improvement, Cost Savings, Working Capital reduction, etc.  

M&A (especially Due Diligence): We have managed the Sale and Purchase of companies with focus on Financial and Vendor Due Diligence

Performance Management (FP&R): We can review your Financial Planning and Reporting Activities in terms of content and process effectiveness and efficiency

Interim Finance Management: We can support you short-term to maintain / improve the performance of your Finance function