Review of Strategy Dimensions
VIC Slide Collection V1 Dec20, 2018 - Di

We guide you on your way to maximize the value of your company. We will assess 3 dimensions of Strategy:


Context – the where: the external and internal circumstances under which process and content are determined.

The complexity of the external environment and the internal structure of your organization largely determine the ideal process

Process – the how, who and when: the way strategies are created.

The ideal strategy process reflects your external environment and your internal processes. It is our core competency to assess your existing strategy process and define an improved (ideal) strategy process with the objective to develop superior strategies leading to sustainable value creation.

Content – the what and why: the product of a strategy process.

We will clarify the definition of strategy and the reason for having strategies in general. We will review your existing strategy, how and why you developed that strategy, and how successful your strategy is.